An unprecedented dynamic and interactive event will take place on
 March 18th, 2021, from 4 pm to 5 and an half about (UTC+1),
masterfully narrated by an exceptional host.

You will learn the true story of an Italian Group. You will discover how insight is the key to international success and how internationalization is sometimes even more effective if contrary to perceived trend.
How crises do not necessarily limit the strategic plans of a company, but can instead offer opportunities for development.

Its Italian heart was the real driving force behind DKC’s growth and success in Russia, before its return to Italy with invaluable experiences and achievements to share and develop.

A LEADING COMPANY with a revenue which amounts to 400 million euros; investments of over 30 million euros/year; a 300.000 square meters plant including our operations site and our warehouses; 3.700 employees. We are delighted to celebrate all of this with you, strengthening our connection and boosting our growth, in name of innovation and progress.

18th, 2021, from 4 pm (UTC+1)

Italian, English

The history, the protagonists, the future of the company, live polls and questions

Maurizio Melis

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